Equipment Finance

If you need to buy equipment for your business, an equipment loan provides financing for the full cost with repayments fixed for the life of the loan.

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We provide security for the loan by way of a mortgage to the bank over the asset financed.
Its features include:

  • Can be used to finance most equipment that generates income
  • $10,000 minimum loan amount with no maximum
  • Loan can be structured with or without balloons and with payments in advance or arrears
  • Interest rate and repayments fixed for loan term

Technology equipment finance

Acquire new technology or upgrade existing equipment with a flexible rental program.


  • Preserve your working capital and get up to 100 per cent of funds with repayments spread over the life of the equipment
  • Get access to the latest technology when you need it without affecting cash flow
  • Get finance for most of your technology equipment needs including desktop computers, laptops, servers, printers, telecommunications equipment, point-of-sale equipment and more
  • Available for everything from a small range to a whole fleet of technology equipment

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