Cash Flow Finance

Do you run a successful business that is experiencing rapid growth and sometimes find it difficult to access the cash you need to fund your expansion? If you sell goods or services on credit terms then one of our lenders finance could be the answer for your business.

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Cashflow finance is a working capital facility directly linked to the value of your unpaid receivables. By providing you with access of up to 80% of your approved invoices, it will speed up your cashflow during times of rapid growth, business acquisitions or seasonal sales cycles to help your business reach its full potential.

How does it work?

Essentially, instead of having to wait anywhere up to 90 days for your debtors to pay, the lender purchases your acceptable trade debts and provides you with up to 80% of the approved invoice value within 24 hours. The remaining balance will be made available upon payment of the full invoice amount by your debtor.

Who should consider Cashflow Finance?

Cashflow Finance is designed for businesses that sell goods on standard credit terms.

It’s suitable for businesses that have good growth opportunities or ambitions; limited fixed assets to utilise as security;
restricted liquidity; seasonal sales activity, or slow paying debtors.

Types of businesses for Cashflow Finance?

Service Industries
People Industries
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